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Our List of Daily Essentials (Subject to Change!)

We’ve lived full-time in our RV for about eight months. We’ve made mistakes, quite a few! Our storage bays are packed full of stuff that we thought we’d need on the road. Our coach is stuffed to the gills with stuff and things to make it feel like home. We knew what we wanted inside to a great degree because this isn’t our first time in an RV full time.

We packed and squirreled away all that we thought was “necessary”, then we drove to the nearest truck stop to weigh the coach. We were so excited when it came in about 2500 pounds under the maximum weight and the weight was evenly distributed.

But, after living in it full-time without full hook-up, we realize that there are things we don’t need and things that we do need. Following is a list of things that we feel are critical for full-timers. I’m sure many may disagree or have different solutions, but this is our list that we’ve come up with after doing it and talking to many other full-time rvers.

  1. Tools, such as a battery-powered drill, screwdrivers, pliers, various screws, washers, hammer, and nails. A Dremel tool with a cutting blade is very useful, as well. An electrical meter to help troubleshoot electrical issues has come in handy more than once.
  2. Supplies for repairs: sealant, heat gun, duct tape and tarp, extra end caps for the electrical cord, water hose repair parts, various lubricants (WD 40, transmission fluid for hydraulics, etc.)
  3. Cooking utensils for outside cooking either over a fire or propane stove. Charcoal chimney and grilling utensils.
  4. Ice chest for extra ice and it comes in handy when it’s time to defrost the refrigerator.
  5. Hott Rod for the water heater or some brand of a heating element to add to the water heater. This keeps hot water available without using propane that isn’t always available.
  6. Cell booster, this is important when camping in a remote area, especially if cell service also provides internet capabilities.
  7. Surge protector for the coach. This can save your shore relay unit. We’ve replaced ours, it is expensive.
  8. An air compressor that has the capacity to pump up RV tires. We needed one capable of pumping up to 110 pounds of pressure. It has been a lifesaver in remote areas when tires are low.
That’s what we feel is essential. I’m sure this list will grow over time. But these are things that have already helped us out.

Other things that are important are hobby items, like books or a kindle. We prefer a kindle because we can carry an entire library on two little devices, one for each of us! Books are fun, especially if you want to share and trade with fellow campers. Craft items are great if that’s your interest too. Not every day is a vacation when an RV is home, sometimes it’s nice to be able to sit back and do whatever interests you on a rainy/lazy day.

When we get home, some of the things that are coming out of the RV are things we brought to make stays easier for company. We’ll give these things to the people that come most often, anyone else is on their own! Honestly, the RV isn’t meant for company. We took out our sleeper sofa, it was old, musty and needed updating. Those “sleeper sofas” in a motorhome are not meant for adults anyway. If you’ve ever tried to sleep on one, you’d know that for sure.
So, coming out of the RV:
  1. Tent, sleeping pads and two sleeping bags
  2. 1 box of cleaning supplies (I’ll buy supplies that are more one thing does it all, not specialty items.)
  3. Yoga mats
  4. Decorative items that have sentimental value (a few are good, but too many just get in the way).
  5. Hopefully more items that we haven’t discovered yet!
As we learn more on this adventure, we’ll share it with you guys. I hope you find our list helpful for your lifestyle.

Happy RVing!



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