Tallulah Gorge State Park

We arrived on Apil 27. Only six days late so that wasn't too bad. It's beautiful here. I have added a couple pictures from our host campsite. I promise to add many more. We haven't had time to sight-see yet. We had to get a briefing when we got here and shown where everything was. The next day was our first day on the job. This is not usual. Usually, we have two or three days to settle in. But, we do what we have to do.

We have had the last the three days off. One was used for grocery shopping, day two was a formal orientation, today it's nasty weather. We had to go pick up a prescription and a Mother's Day card. This is the first Mother's Day in 57 years that I haven't spent with my mom. I was sad signing it, but it is mailed so she will have it on her day.

I do call her every other day. She has friends and some activities that she participates in. To save her having to return something, I sent her money. She does like to shop! The rest of the day is for rest. We work the next three days and the campground is full. There will be more pictures in the next week and we have a moonlight hike planned at the end of the month right before we leave so stay tuned!


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